50 mtrs Reel FirePlus-LHD Digital Linear Heat Detection cable 105°C PVC Coated- UL Listed. Available in 50m, 100m, 200m, 500m and 1000m Reels LHD-105-P

The Context Plus FirePlus-LHD range of digital linear heat detection
cables and accessories are designed to monitor and trigger a
response when a specific temperature is reached.

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The incorporation of FirePlus-LHD accessories increases the
overall performance and effectiveness of the FirePlus-LHD Linear
Heat Detection System. Developed specifically to comply with the
latest UK requirements, our Zintec and stainless-steel clips
overcome the hazards posed by plastic versions from other brands.
With our range of accessories, the FirePlus-LHD Linear Heat
Detection System can be best configured to detect a rise in
temperature at the point of risk in many different applications. Our
range of clips, cable tie wraps and junction boxes ensure that the
complete FirePlus-LHD Linear Heat Detection System can
effectively meet all end-user specifications.
By providing a complete end-to-end linear heat detection solution,
including all necessary accessories, we can simplify the
specification and procurement process for end-users. To this end,
all our FirePlus-LHD Components and Accessories are
accompanied by detailed installation guides and technical
documentation to ease installation and maintenance.




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